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Salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery (or any ice cream for that matter), is a must try! I typically order banana but the balsamic strawberry is killer too.

Tartine Bakery also has a to die for chocolate croissant that cannot be missed.

And if you have an itch for some vegan sushi (yep it’s a thing), the tastiest can be found at Shizen on 14th street. There’s always a line so reserve a table or opt for take out!

Craftsman & Wolves has excellent coffee and the lightest, most delicate and beautiful small cakes with unique flavors. You can also grab delicious pastries savory and sweet for the morning.

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YES to Shizen! Only got to go once but it was A+. Gotta admit I never went to C&W, only know about it from Emily Mariko’s TikToks 😂

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