Aleka, I enjoyed your "recettes". However, the mention of (the abortion pills from Planned Parenthood clinics was a hair raising to me. Being a conservative in my politics, I find Planned Parenthood offensive. As for the dysfunction with our American Healthcare, my thought is that if it doesn't work to one's liking, there are countries such as Venezuela, France, the Scandinavian countries or even Russia....why stay in America with the intent of changing the culture?

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Loved every bit of this. Will share Japanese deep fried salmon recipe sometime. Very thoughtful and insightful regarding black chefs. Think you know I’ve been going telemedicine for Harvard students, faculty and staff throughout the pandemic. Again, will share my thoughts at some time. Our patients and we have found it to be enormously satisfying in these troubling times. Love to Sam and you.


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Thanks so much for the kind words, Nancy! I would really love to hear your thoughts & experience with telemedicine sometime, and deep fried salmon sounds right up my alley - I'd love that recipe when you have a moment! :) Sending all our love!

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